What have we been up to lately?

We wanted to share some of the learning taking place in 1/2 NG over the last few weeks. Here’s an update with some great shots of student work.

Art: In Art we recently learned about famous artist Andy Warhol and his style of POP ART. We created Spring themed Pop Art in hopes to bring on warmer weather! Maybe it worked.




Math: In Math, we completed a unit on addition and subtraction using mental math and problem solving strategies. We emphasized the importance of reasoning and proving an answer is correct as well as checking for accuracy and communicating. Now we are working on 3D geometry and most of the lessons are being delivered by Miss McNeil our amazing student teacher from the University of Ottawa. She started with a pre-assessment to see what we remembered about 2-D shapes. We even got to make a shape pizza! Now we are exploring 3-D shapes and their attributes. We are comparing faces, verticies and edges of shapes as well as learning how to describe shapes with clarity and precision.



Science: The grade 1s continue to learn about Materials, Objects and Structures. (Check your child’s backpack Monday night for an exciting at-home project) The grade 2s continue to explore Movement ans Simple Machines. On Friday both the grade 1s and 2s had an opportunity to build a marshmallow catapult. They had to choose from 3 different designs and think about which materials might be best for the job! We will test our catapults on Tuesday. It was tempting to eat the marshmallows, but Mrs. Georganas told the class how the marshmallows had been sitting in her cupboard for about a year and that helped us to keep focused on building our catapults!



Language Arts: We have been learning how to write instructions and procedures. We also reviewed the editing process and proper usage of capitals and periods and had to edit for these things in our writing before we published our work. In reading we have been exploring the “Chunky Monkey” strategy and learning about different chunks that are common in words. Being able to find and read chunks helps us to decode longer words more easily. We are also learning about the features of narratives. Our awesome writing is hanging outside our classroom please be sure to check it out next time you are in the school!



The WITS in Our Class by Lane

Once upon a time there was a boy he lived in Ottawa. He went to school. He was in grade 1. He liked it especially his teacher Mrs. G. one day he had a fight with Loui. Loui was hurting him but then the boy remembered his WITS. Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out Seek Help- then the boy walked away and then the boy never got bullied again. THE END

This story was written and published by Lane during our Daily 5 Literacy Activities. Please feel free to post a positive comment about Lane’s story!

Luv2 Groove in 1/2 NG

IMG_0672[1]We had the first of 3 dance workshops today! The students came to life, moving and grooving to the beats! We will be learning a routine for a special kind of dance called “FUNK”. Here are a few pics of us in action! One student told me repeatedly throughout the afternoon “I just love dance!”



Science Update

The grade two students have recently finished their unit on Liquids and Solids. We had lots of fun testing our boats to see if they could carry a load. When building the boats students had to apply their understandings to think about the best materials for their boat (i.e. materials that would absorb versus materials that repel).  The grade ones finished their unit on Energy by finding an “Energy Gobbler”- Energy Problem at ALC and designing a poster to help resolve the problem. We had several mini-lessons about the important features of a poster and the grade ones tried to incorporate these ideas into their finished products.

Here are a few of our boats and posters! We have started our next unit of study: Materials, Objects and Structures in grade one and Movement and Simple Machines in grade two.

A boat that would not sink!

A boat that would not sink!

Going, going, gone! We talked a lot about balance as we tested our boats.

Going, going, gone! We talked a lot about balance as we tested our boats.


Projectors are in high use at ALC! Leaving them on can waste a ton on energy!

Projectors are in high use at ALC! Leaving them on can waste a ton on energy!



We enjoy using technology to research, practice skills and to write. We've even had the COW visit a few times! It is very important for us to turn off the tech when not in use!

We enjoy using technology to research, practice skills and to write. We’ve even had the COW visit a few times! It is very important for us to turn off the tech when not in use!

A Perfect Skating Day


Having a blast together!

Having a blast together!

One of my favourite things about teaching is the opportunity to see a child’s face light up when he/she learns/tries something new, overcomes a struggle, helps a friend in need or is excited about their learning experience. One of the things I love most about taking my class skating on the rink at ALC is that it tends to bring out the best in everyone and is tons of fun! This past Thursday, my heart was warmed as I watched some of my students lacing up skates for the very first time.

Having fun on the ice!

“If I fall I will just get up and try again!” (Mrs. Georganas’  favourite quote of the day from one of the students)

I also had the chance to see some of the more experienced skaters in the class take on a leadership role- excited to teach a classmate how to skate! The students were very happy and wanted to skate through lunch! Thank you to the wonderful parent volunteers who were able to join us for tying skates and helping out on the rink. I couldn’t provide these opportunities without you!

I am looking forward to out next skating day next week!


The Latest News From Our Classroom

It’s been a while since we have updated you with all of the learning taking place in our classroom. We will have a few guest posts soon as some of the students have decided to help out with writing for the blog. They will be our 1/2 NG reporters!

The month of November was busy. A visit from Griffen’s Dad and our learning about Remembrance Day had us thinking about heroes. We realized that we know many everyday heroes that make our lives better and we used the writing process to create published writing pieces about our heroes. We used a hamburger model to create paragraphs with an introduction and a conclusion. A few of us are still finishing the final touches but most are hanging outside our classroom. We also practiced our interview and drama skills by interviewing each other and hero-like characters from books we read this month.

In Math we continued to explore number, place value and problem solving. We are really trying to work on communicating our math thinking and understanding clearly. The other skill we are working on is understanding a problem and choosing the best tools for solving it. Learning Math through problem solving allows students to apply what they have learned in meaningful ways. We will often use open-ended problems so that it allows for different levels of problem solving. We have started our unit on Geometry and are developing our geometric vocabulary. We have been looking at the properties of different shapes, comparing shapes and composing and decomposing shapes. Today we worked at solving a problem involving two similar shapes. We had to think deeply to identify similarties and differences.

In Science, the grade twos started their unit on Liquids and Solids while the grade ones have started their unit on Energy. We have also named ourselves the Stittsville Scientists as we have been working on creating our first science video. For the grade twos this was an opportunity for students to demonstrate what they had learned about Air and Water in the Environment using media. For the both the grade ones and twos, it has been an opportunity to learn about how to convey information using a different media form. We are learning together about how to use iMovie to create our own movies and many students are now working on their own movie projects!

We continue to work on reading strategies and becoming expert readers. We are learning that expert readers think and read at the same time. In our reading groups we learn strategies that will move each one of us forward as readers,

In the gym we continue to work on sportsmanship, catching and throwing with accuracy and locomotor movements. We have also started a unit in Dance. Today we started to choreograph a collaborative name dance and also learned a bit about hip hop and “The Sid Shuffle”.

There are also a couple of exciting things coming up in our class:

1. The Stittsville Scientists Movie Premiere and Google Read and Write Workshop on December 15th! We hope parents can join us from 2:45-3:45 next Monday. Please RSVP Mrs. Georganas by e-mail or send a note in your child’s agenda.

2. Secret Santa- More information coming soon! Did you know you can make someone smile and feel good without spending a dime?

Please keep checking the blog for more news from our student reporters over the next two weeks!

Art Attack!

Our class is FULL of heroes... What is your hero quality or talent?

Our class is FULL of heroes… What is your hero quality or talent?

On Monday, November 3, we will have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Kolodny, a student teacher from the University of Ottawa. He comes with a wealth of experience and lots of ideas for learning to share! We have already been planning a lesson together and I am so excited because Mr. Kolodny has so much expertise in the arts.  I just have to give you a sneak preview of how we will prepare for Remembrance Day. We have planned to explore the theme of heroes through the Arts. Students will have the opportunity to create a poppy themed hero cape- to represent the hero inside of them. We know that heroes are people who do nice, brave and helpful things. We will explore the colour of heros and as part of our drama curriculum students will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to the world on “LIVE TV” explaining who they are and what their special “power” (special/good/ helpful thing that they do really well). Mr. Kolodny has already created a sample for you to sneak preview….but be sure to look for the students’ wonderful creations to be hanging on the walls at ALC and maybe even on the blog!

What things do you do that make you a hero? How are bucket fillers and heroes alike? How are problem solvers and heroes alike? Is there a hero you would like to me more like? Who? What makes them a hero?

Welcome Mrs. Couttreau

Mrs. G and Mrs. C- Tall Teachers in 1/2 NG!

Mrs. G and Mrs. C- Tall Teachers in 1/2 NG!

Mrs. Georganas is thrilled to have a new teaching partner! Mrs. Janet Couttreau will be with us every Wednesday from now until June. Mrs. Couttreau comes to us with years of experience. I have known Mrs. Couttreau personally for a while and feel that she and I will compliment one another in the classroom and will work well as a team to support your children in their learning. We have been working together already to ensure a smooth transition and to maintain some consistency throughout your child`s school week. We are in contact on a regular basis so feel free to contact either of us should you have any questions or concerns.

Experiential Learning

Thursday morning 1/2 NG and a team of fantastic volunteers headed out to learn about the environment. More specifically, we wanted to observe some of the things we had been learning about in the classroom by experiencing it for ourselves. The students came prepared, as any scientist would, with buckets, magnifying glasses and nets. While exploring the creek and the Poole Creek Walkway students were given an iPad to record their observations and thinking. They also had a list of “look fors” that included things like: something left by humans, something that is changing because of the seasons, something that is moving, something that could be food for a hibernating animal etc. We also collected samples to study back in the classroom. After an exciting visit to the pond where we caught minnows and tadpoles some of the children took the challenge of trying to carry water back to ALC. We tried to experience what it would be like if we did not have running water but instead had to collect our water from a water source. We managed to bring back 10 litres of water, which isn’t a lot. We are going to discuss what we would use this for if this was all the water we had for a day.

Something changing with the seasons

Something changing with the seasons


Something moving, something we wondered about...What causes this?

Something moving, something we wondered about…What causes this?




Something made by humans...

Something made by humans…


Something living that will hibernate in winter. We were surprised to catch this!

Something living that will hibernate in winter. We were surprised to catch this!


Signs of Autumn can be beautiful!

Signs of Autumn can be beautiful!


Carrying water isn't easy... it's heavy and can spill!

Carrying water isn’t easy… it’s heavy and can spill!

The Human Impact- Something we found left by humans...

The Human Impact- Something we found left by humans…

We are starting to observe, think and write like scientists. In our class brainstorm we discussed that Scientists use pictures, drawings and lots of details to describe and explain. Here is some of our work showing what we discovered when we returned to the classroom and studied the items we collected.






IMG 0011[1] from Noelle Georganas on Vimeo.


Here is one of our scientists explaining how temperature affects living things. Enjoy!

What was your favourite thing about this trip? What did you learn?





Field Trip

Thanks to those of you who have returned your field trip forms. We are still short a few volunteers but hopefully we will be able to go ahead with our trip once all the forms are in. Looking forward to exploring our beautiful community with the children!

If you have offered to volunteer, I will be in touch, but consider yourself booked for Tuesday morning 🙂