The WITS in Our Class by Lane

Once upon a time there was a boy he lived in Ottawa. He went to school. He was in grade 1. He liked it especially his teacher Mrs. G. one day he had a fight with Loui. Loui was hurting him but then the boy remembered his WITS. Walk Away, Ignore, Talk it Out Seek Help- then the boy walked away and then the boy never got bullied again. THE END

This story was written and published by Lane during our Daily 5 Literacy Activities. Please feel free to post a positive comment about Lane’s story!

One thought on “The WITS in Our Class by Lane

  1. Dear Lane,

    I enjoyed your story and was impressed by how quickly you typed it up at school. I hope you will write more stories for the blog. Do you have any ideas for your next story?

    Mrs. G

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