What have we been up to lately?

We wanted to share some of the learning taking place in 1/2 NG over the last few weeks. Here’s an update with some great shots of student work.

Art: In Art we recently learned about famous artist Andy Warhol and his style of POP ART. We created Spring themed Pop Art in hopes to bring on warmer weather! Maybe it worked.




Math: In Math, we completed a unit on addition and subtraction using mental math and problem solving strategies. We emphasized the importance of reasoning and proving an answer is correct as well as checking for accuracy and communicating. Now we are working on 3D geometry and most of the lessons are being delivered by Miss McNeil our amazing student teacher from the University of Ottawa. She started with a pre-assessment to see what we remembered about 2-D shapes. We even got to make a shape pizza! Now we are exploring 3-D shapes and their attributes. We are comparing faces, verticies and edges of shapes as well as learning how to describe shapes with clarity and precision.



Science: The grade 1s continue to learn about Materials, Objects and Structures. (Check your child’s backpack Monday night for an exciting at-home project) The grade 2s continue to explore Movement ans Simple Machines. On Friday both the grade 1s and 2s had an opportunity to build a marshmallow catapult. They had to choose from 3 different designs and think about which materials might be best for the job! We will test our catapults on Tuesday. It was tempting to eat the marshmallows, but Mrs. Georganas told the class how the marshmallows had been sitting in her cupboard for about a year and that helped us to keep focused on building our catapults!



Language Arts: We have been learning how to write instructions and procedures. We also reviewed the editing process and proper usage of capitals and periods and had to edit for these things in our writing before we published our work. In reading we have been exploring the “Chunky Monkey” strategy and learning about different chunks that are common in words. Being able to find and read chunks helps us to decode longer words more easily. We are also learning about the features of narratives. Our awesome writing is hanging outside our classroom please be sure to check it out next time you are in the school!