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Team Georganas (Photo by Paper Crane Studios)

Welcome to our class blog! I just wanted to introduce myself and give you a bit of background information. Let me start off by saying I just love my job! This is my sixth year teaching at A. Lorne Cassidy. I am passionate about learning and teaching.  This year my goal is to incorporate more inquiry based learning projects as well as to use our school iPads for a variety of media projects. I am a lifelong learner and love to incorporate new and fresh ideas into my classroom. There will be plenty of challenging and motivating opportunities to explore, discover and learn in a variety of ways. I believe all students can shine when given just the right tools, structure, encouragement, and guidance. I promise to work hard to connect with your child and help him or her see the different ways he or she shines. Over the past few years I have explored the world of blogging and using an interactive whiteboard to enrich learning experiences. Both these tools have proven to be engaging and effective. I have been teaching for 12 years and love how teaching provides me with many challenges and new learning opportunities.

I always encourage parents to be involved in what their children are doing here at school. I am hoping this blog will not only keep you informed but will also serve as a vehicle for you to talk to your child about their school day. In addition, I am always looking for parents to come and help out in the classroom as I strongly believe that when parents and teachers work together to foster a love of learning students thrive!

During our days together we spend a lot of time growing not only in terms of our academics but also as friends. When making decisions we try to treat others the way that we’d like to be treated. This makes our classroom and world a better place to be!

What do you think students need in order to thrive at school? What would your ideal classroom be like? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

25 thoughts on “About Mrs. Georganas and 1/2NG

  1. Hello Maddy,

    I am glad you like our blog. I am happy to see that you are posting comments. Check the blog often because I plan to add more posts that you can comment on! Sure you can take a sapling for the garden. I hope our garden will be full of many different plants and trees. How did you become so interested in gardening and plants?

    From, Mrs. Georganas

  2. Wow Tristan! You made two very kind comments in one day! You are a bucket filler. I’m glad you enjoyed art class- I hope our special projects turn out, but don’t tell Mom! Looking forward to seeing you on Monday.


    Mrs. Georganas

  3. Dear Mrs Georganas,
    I thought about what challenge we should do for Mr Toft’s class and it popped in my head, we could build an art project but in only 30 seconds.Does it sound great? Write back to me soon.
    Sincerly, Tristan

  4. Dear mrs georganas,

    I love plants because I like taking care of living things and I want to show my dad that I am responsible enough to take care of a rabbit so he will fully approve. I will bring in my sapling in tomorrow. what is your favourite plant?

    write back soon,


  5. Dear Mrs georganas,

    we have a great idea of a gym game.The class could have a race! Do you like the idea? Tell us the next time you see us.


  6. Dear mrs.georganas

    I think the radishes are going to germinate first.

    from james

  7. Dear Tristan and James,

    I LOVE your idea! When we practice for Track and Field with Mrs. Spear’s class we will race the 100m, the 200m, the 400m and the 800m races. Which ones interest you? Do you like to run short or long distances? Can’t wait to see you run!


    Mrs. Georganas

  8. Dear Maddy,

    I can’t wait to see your sapling. Please bring it in soon. My favourite plant is anything tropical. I love palm trees and hibiscus flowers. We have a Yucca tree in our house which is from Mexico. Why are you so fond of rabbits?


    Mrs. Georganas

  9. Dear Mrs.Georganas,
    Molly is so cute! Like a british bull dog puppy. We think you should bring her in to the class.Will you?

    Sincerly Aldog and Nicole

  10. Dear Aldog and Nicole,

    Boy, you girls keep me laughing- you always have such interesting comments. I too think Molly is adorable- I’m not sure if she’ll make it in for a visit but eventually she will join ALC as a student so maybe you’ll see her then!

    What do you think Molly would enjoy about our class?


    Mrs. Georganas

  11. Dear Mrs.Georganas,
    Hi, it’s me Antonia :). I have an idea for a coupon for 5 stickers at literacy centres. My idea is get a teacher to clean your desk. Boo hoo you will have to clean our desks! If you like this idea, then talk to me at school. See you soon!


  12. Dear Antonia-

    What a fun idea! I think the students in our class would love it! Would you like to design the coupon? I just hope I don’t have to clean too many desks. Maybe I should get to earn coupons every time a student doesn’t earn his or her coupon- then I could get some privileges? What do you think about that?

    Your teacher,

    Mrs. Georganas

  13. Lexie-

    We did AMAZING at the plant sale! We raised around $180.00 so now we will have to decide what to buy from the Canadian Hunger Foundation gift catalog. Please thank everyone in your family for their help and for the plants you donated. It made a big difference! What do you think we should buy?

    Yours truly,

    Mrs. Georganas

  14. Dear class,

    How are you this summer? I’m well except, a few days ago I flipped on a trampoline, unfortunately I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and got a concussion. Other than that I am doing very well, I am going up to my aunty Karen’s cottage today with my brother Nathan. I am going to have a great time. I hope you guys have a great summer.

    Sincerely: Tristan

  15. Dear Tristan,

    I’m glad to hear that you are well and was sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you will rest and relax at the cottage! This hot weather has been great. Molly and I have been doing a lot of swimming!

    Send us a message after your trip to the cottage to tell us all about it!

    Thanks for blogging!

    -Mrs. Georganas

  16. Dear Mrs.Georganas,

    hello! how was your summer? mine went great! I went to tampa florida. we had so much fun! we did a lot of stuff. how is molly? Elwyn says hi. we hope to see you around the school. hope you have a great class this year!

    sincerly, Antonia

  17. Dear Antionia,

    We are so glad you are still following our blog! I had a wonderful summer filled with swimming and playing! Molly is doing terrific, she’s learning new words everyday which is so cute! Say hi to Elwyn and keep in touch! Maybe you could write a comment for our class to read!

    Take Care,

    Mrs. Georganas

  18. Mrs. Georganas,

    I like your blog although I have to admit that I was initially motivated by Sophia (but not myself) to view your blog, I feel it is like opening up a window for us to see what was happening in your classroom. The external links under “Educational Websites” are very good in particular to me.

    Have a great day!

    Harry (Sophia’s Dad)

  19. dear mrs georganas,
    my new school is great! I have a new friend named scotty. how is molly? have a fantastic time


  20. Dear Tristan,

    It is so great to hear from you and I am so happy you are enjoying your new school. We miss you here at A. Lorne Cassidy. Scotty is lucky to have you as a friend. Molly is doing very well, she’s walking and talking and growing up very quickly! I am also going to have another baby in May of next year so Molly will have a little brother or sister to play with.

    Also, thank you so much for your letter in the mail. I just love getting mail and I was thinking about you and how you were doing. Please keep in touch!

    What kinds of things are you learning about in grade 4? Are you still doing lots of great art?

    Take care,

    Mrs. Georganas

  21. Hello,mrs.Georganas.

    I have been having the best time here at st.mary’s. I love to play with my friend scotty and my other friends. but I still miss you a lot! This year my teacher is mrs.veinotte. well, I have to go now.

    from: Tristan.

  22. Tristan,

    I am so glad you visited my blog again this year. I love hearing from you and am so glad to hear that you are enjoying your new school and that you have some special friends. You sound happy which is awesome. I sure miss seeing you everyday so please write to me and tell me how you are doing when you have a chance. I had another baby in April so Molly now has a little sister named Stella. We are having a wonderful time together and I will return to ALC in April. Are you still working on your art projects- you are so talented!!

    Keep writing, and I will be updating my blog soon so be sure to check in!

    Bye for now,

    Mrs. Georganas

  23. dear Mrs. Georganas,

    thanks for the lovely replies! I am very happy to hear about Stella! here in grade 5, I have so much fun! we are making special easter crafts and we are practising the play of the three little pigs in french class! but what worries me is the fact that my friend Scotty was really hurt and has not been at school today. I pray that he feels better soon.

    I am very happy to finally get back on the blog so that I can send this to you. how are you at a.l.c? I hope that all of my old friends can hear about me! make sure to tell them how I am doing.

    well, I hope that you have a great easter with Stella and molly. have a great spring! please reply when you can.

    sincerely, Tristan.

  24. Dear Tristan,

    I was so thrilled to get your message and I will be sure to share it with all of your ALC friends. We miss you here and I am glad to hear that you are doing so well at your new school. I hope Scotty is alright. He is lucky to have such a caring friend like you. Stella and Molly are doing great I will sure miss them when I am back at work. We had a great Easter together. I go back to work on Monday and have some exciting things planned for my class so keep reading our blog and you will be able to see some of the cool stuff we are doing!

    If you are ever in the neighbourhood be sure to come and visit us at ALC. I know there are many people who would love to see you.

    Please write again when you can. I am very impressed with your writing!

    Sincerely, Mrs. Georganas

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