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We attend A. Lorne Cassidy Elementary School in Stittsville, Ontario, Canada. It is a K-8 school offering English and French Immersion programs. It is a fairly large school with over 600 students. Our school mascot is a duck and you can see lots of ducky things all around our school. When we talk about our school we often use a short form and refer to the school as ALC. Please feel free to leave us a comment if you have any questions about Stittsville or ALC.

9 thoughts on “About Our School

  1. Hi Mrs Georgana’s class,

    We are 3/4Lonnie from Pt Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia.


    I have not been to Ontario before, but that is somewhere I would love to visit. I am interested in how your immersion program works? Do you do most of your subjects through French?

    We look forward to blogging with you this year. We are wondering what projects you are involved at at the moment? We are starting a Flat Stanley Project if you are interested let us know!?

    Mrs Murphy and Grade 3/4B

  2. Hello Mrs. Murphy and 3/4B,

    We are so happy to read your comments on our blog. We live just outside the capital of Canada, Ottawa Ontario, so it is a city with lots to see and do. Mrs. Georganas has been to Australia but only along the Gold Coast and to Melbourne. Australia is an amazing place!

    The students who are in French Immersion do all of their subjects in French and get 1 hour of English instruction each day. We are in the Regular English program so we get 5o minutes of French 4 days a week.

    We are excited to have you as blogging buddies, but Mrs. Georganas isn’t back at school until the end of April because she had baby Molly last May and has had the year off with her. Many of the students in our class had Mrs. Georganas last year in grade 2. Therefore we can’t join in on Flat Stanley but maybe we can start something up with you for your next project. Keep us posted on what you are working on!

    Do you know what you might be up to in May?

    Yours truly,

    Mrs. Georganas and 3NG, Stittsville, ON, Canada

  3. Dear Mrs. Georganas

    How is Molly? Do you like being back in our classroom? How do you like being a teacher? I like that you are back with us.

    Take Care

    From: Tristan

  4. Hello Tristan,

    It is great to be back with you and the class at ALC. I love teaching because everyday is different and I get to work with all kinds of amazing kids like you. Molly is doing wonderful, thanks for asking. Do you like blogging? What should I write about next on our blog?


    Mrs. Georganas

  5. I have a great must do activity. i think it would be a good idea to draw a picture of roots and stems and plants and what a plant needs to grow a plant needs water and sun to grow because it eats sun light and drinks water.and write a sentence about what a plant has because for example a plant has a root because it can store water and maybe food.

    from james N

  6. James,

    Thanks for your awesome idea- I think everyone would just love to show off what they have learned about plants! It reminds me of some of the projects the groups did after guided reading- like your group’s leaves diagram.

    Thanks for making a suggestion to help us with our learning! Do you have any other ideas for centres?

    Yours truly,
    Mrs. Georganas

  7. dear Mrs. Georganas,

    I am so happy to tell you how proud I am going into grade 6. this year, my teachers are Mrs ganter, mme stephanie, and ms mc.adam. the are so nice! so are my classmates. I hope that you are having fun in teaching the grade 1s and 2s. And how is molly? I bet she’ll be in school soon.

    sincerely, (your old student) Tristan.

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