3 thoughts on “How to write a quality comment

  1. Dear Mrs.Georganas,

    Today was the first day of snow on the ground in Ottawa. In the morning, I saw the snow when I was waiting for Sonya’s bus, I saw that every house has a white roof, I first thought everyone painted it white, but then I thought it was the snow that was on the roof. I was so exited! Was your first day of snow on the ground fun?


  2. Dear Mrs. Georganas,

    I posted my first comment today. I typed it in all by myself, I will do more. If there is something wrong, can you correct me please?


  3. Dear Sophia,

    You are doing great! Many people are just learning to write quality comments and it seems you have the format. Just remember to connect your comment to the post. This means read the post, and then think of something to say about it. You can add information, ask a question of give a compliment. For example, since you posted on the quality comment page you might want to offer some suggestions for writing comments or ask some questions (like you did in this comment).

    Keep up the good work!

    Mrs. Georganas

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