The Golden Rule

In our class we have one rule that governs how we treat one another and essentially it serves as the foundation of our classroom community. When everyone follows the Golden Rule magical things happen- we get along with each other, we feel good about ourselves, we can concentrate on our learning and we are happy. In fact, following the Golden Rule tends to be contagious! This page is dedicated to the actions of students who have been caught in the act- that is caught following the Golden Rule- treating others the way that they would like to be treated! Thanks for being you.

Have you caught someone following the Golden Rule? Share your experience and how you felt about it here! We LOVE to read good news about people making the world, and our classroom a better place to be!

12 thoughts on “Caught!

  1. Dear 3NG,

    I can’t wait to catch someone following the Golden Rule and to share the good news here. Who will get caught first?

    Yours truly,

    Mrs. Georganas

  2. Dear 3NG,

    On Friday I caught Desiree following the Golden Rule, she lent her skipping rope to a friend in need- more than once. Thanks for being so sweet!


    Mrs. Georganas

  3. Dear 3 NG,

    This weekend I caught my sister following the Golden Rule. Her name is Robyn and she dropped off a bunch of plants for our classroom greenhouse. She collected the plants from her garden. What a thoughtful thing to do!

    Thanks Robyn!

    Yours truly,

    Mrs. Georganas

  4. Dear Mrs georganas,

    I cought my brother devin following the goldan Rule by helping me when i was hert .

    sincerly, james

  5. Dear 3NG,
    On wednesday night I caught my mommy following the golden rule because when my throat really hurt she did everything she could to make it feel better.

    from, Lexie

  6. Dear Lexie,

    I think your mom often follows the Golden Rule. Every time she volunteers she is showing us just how much she cares. I think you are lucky to have such a wonderful mom, and I am lucky she has been so generous with her time and energy!

    Give mom a big hug from 3NG!

    Thanks for your message,

    Mrs. Georganas

  7. Dear 3NG,

    on saturday night i caught my twin sister Elwyn
    following the golden rule by helping me find something i had lost. i think she was being very nice to me!

    from Antonia

  8. Hey Mrs. Georganas and her AWESOME class!

    I’m Thomas from your bloging buddies program! We live on the other side of the other side of the world to you and go to montagu bay primary school {M.B.P.S} Australia Tasmania Hobart. Tassie is the southern hemisphere of Australia .Right now the grade 4’s and up are doing a production . This year the theme is once upon a time { nursery rymes}. What is it like in Canada?

    regards Thomas.

  9. Dear 1/2NG;

    I just want to post on the blog that Rosalyn was definately “caught” this weekend helping out around the house. On Sunday morning, when she discoverd a mess on the floor it the kitchen because of some melting ice cubes, she quickly cleaned it up all by herself, so that nobody would slip and fall. And then she quickly told her parents about the problem so that we could fix the broken ice maker in the freezer. Super Star! Thanks Ros, for helping out!

    Megan – Rosalyn’s Mummy

  10. Dear Megan and Rosalyn,

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful news- I can’t wait to show this message to the class. It is wonderful to hear that Rosalyn is following the Golden Rule at home as well as at school. Thanks Rosalyn, you sure know how to make your parents and teacher proud of you!

    Yours truly,

    Mrs. Georganas

  11. I caught Grace following the Golden Rule when she offered to help dry dishes on Sunday morning while we were preparing food and cooking all day for Thanksgiving Day. She helped dry and put away a whole load of hand-washed dishes. Her dad and I are very thankful for such a helpful daughter.

    Grace’s mommy Lara

  12. Dear Lara,

    This is wonderful news, thanks for sharing. Grace was also caught following the Golden Rule at school on more than one occasion so it is wonderful to hear that she’s helping others at home too! Thanks for treating others with respect Grace it really makes a difference!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Mrs. Georganas

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