We use a problem solving approach to teach mathematics. We emphasize complete understanding of concepts instead of memorizing formulas or facts without fully understanding the math concepts behind them. Efficiency is not the primary concern- understanding and being able to apply that understanding and communicate math thinking in many contexts is the priority. The Nelson website below gives students an opportunity to revisit concepts already taught in class. You can get some extra practice by going to the Surf the Web section and playing some online games that are directly related to what we are doing in class.

Nelson Grade 2 Math Support

The other website I would strongly recommend is all of the students were provided with their individual passwords and login codes. This was sent home in a newsletter. Students are encouraged to play the games I have posted in their account as these directly related to what we are doing in class. I will update/ change the games on a regular basis.

Did you try some extra math practice? Tell us about what you learned. Can you give us a problem to solve?


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